Designing small outoor space in Chicago

Recently I had the pleasure to contribute to a wonderful article titled "Squeezing the most out of small outdoor spaces" that was featured in numerous publications from Washington Post to our local Daily Herald. 

When working with clients especially in Chicago, the outdoor spaces that I see there are usually not a huge that one can have while living further out in the suburbs. However, you may also find yourself living in the city village such as Barrington or Winnetka where just as if you were living downtown Chicago you are walking distance to some amazing places from wonderful restaurants, shops, parks, and the lake yet perhaps to get close to these incredible amenities, you may have sacrificed how big your yard is.

A small outdoor space could pose some challenges, but I am a true believer that if you plan it out well, it could be a very special place that is enchanting and rewarding. Check out some of my tips in the article along with other contributions from some awesome experts on small outdoor garden design for Chicago hi-rises to perhaps a small yard in Chicago's Lincoln Park and the suburb of Winnetka. Go on take a peek, click the link below to read the full article. :)

"Squeezing the most out of small outdoor spaces"