Nursery Design- Story Book Spaces

Recently I was asked to participate in a great Nursery Design collaboration with Tiny Prints which also partnered with Home Decorators and Home Depot.  I was among other fantastic designers that created beautiful schemes for real expecting mamas. Designing a nursery took on a whole new meaning now that I am a mom, and I... Read More →

Thank you, Splash!

The new issue of Splash is out on the newsstands and I am excited to share that one of our projects is featured in it!  Splash is a “Chicago’s dose of style, society and celebrity” , and it is a Chicago Sun-Times publication. I love picking it up to get insight on local style, culture,... Read More →

My Interview with Refined Haystack

Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Refined Haystack, which is a Chicago source for fabulous interior design shops and interior design talent.  If you would like to learn bit more about my background and design philosophy, hop on over to their blog (here) and check it out! 🙂 Enjoy     xo... Read More →

Thank you, Desire to Inspire!

I have read Desire to Inspire for many years and go to their website to peek at some fab spaces around the world. If you are not familiar and love modern, artistic and interesting interior design, you must check it out! I also love love their “Monday’s pets on furniture” installment that you need to... Read More →

Thank you, Home Adore!

Thank you to Home Adore for highlighting our Chicago Suburban Interior Design Project!  Home Adore is a fabulous online publication for amazing interiors and architecture that I visit very often due to our shared modern sensibility.  I am flatered to have our work published among so many other incredible interior design projects! Check out our... Read More →

Accessory Install at our Lincoln Park Chicago Project

This week we installed the first level of accessories at one of our favorite clients house.  It’s a modern loft home located in Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.  The interior is now a fresh modern and bright space with lots of great art and pops of color. We have a few things still to get... Read More →

Modern white baby crib – Shop the nursery

While getting ready for a baby, a big part is spent designing a nursery.  I love designing nurseries, you can do some major magic in there and creating a space for a baby brings with it so much excitement.  Especially when it’s your first bambino, you are excited to make this room a special space... Read More →

Home Entry Vignette Before & After

I always love to see a great transformation don’t you?! When I work with my clients each project is a bit different.  Some projects consists of single rooms and some of multiple rooms or full homes. These projects vary in nature from Chicago lofts to Suburban homes and also how much is involved.  Sometimes a... Read More →

Shop The Room – Soft, Clean, Relaxed, Elegant Living Room

When I design rooms for clients I search hundreds of vendors to create the perfect look, from our own library to referencing trade items on vendors websites and often finding treasures from other sites that just fit the budget and look.  I look at so many items that I try to save for future clients,... Read More →

Project #GettingReadyForBabyOW Kitchen Floor Before and After

  It has been a busy month between the “getting ready for baby” home updates, finalizing some of our design projects, life, and baby shower prep etc.. I didn’t have a chance to share with you what has been going on earlier as I promised in the post about nesting (click here to read it).  So... Read More →

Edyta’s tips on How to Glam up Your Home in Make it Better!

(One of our favorite interiors I designed for a wonderful client.  It showcases many levels of glam while still feeling super comfortable and fun)   I love creating Modern Glam and Exciting Interiors.  It’s actually what I specialize and excel in, but most importantly really enjoy.  Because of that I was excited & flattered to... Read More →


  If you follow me on Instagram you know that my husband and I are expecting a baby girl this Spring – YAY!.  We are super excited and can’t wait for her arrival!  Because of this amazing chapter in our lives, we also have to tackle a few projects around the house  that will involve... Read More →