How to create a serene interior environment – Daily Herald, Home & Garden feature

  Yesterday I was featured in the Daily Herald’s Home & Garden section sharing tips on how to design a serene interior environment.  One of our favorite client’s project was showcased in there as well.  If you missed buying the paper, hop on over online (by clicking here) and read some of my tips among... Read More →

Modern Classic interiors, how to strike the perfect balance

I’m a lover of classics from beautiful traditions, history, music, manners… However, when dealing with interior design, I love to shake things up a bit in a modern and artistic way, so that it is still as amazing as the classic original but a bit more exciting, current and fresh.  A  classic note will make... Read More →

Chicago Interior Design Projects + Summer

It has been busy around here.  I have been getting a ton of interior design project inquiries and I have also started some fun new projects with new as well as old clients, I feel very blessed. I love when clients reach out based on loving our past work and ask for modern or modern... Read More →

EDYTA & CO. curates an art collection for UGallery

As an interior designer I get to select and curate art collections for my clients while designing their spaces.  Art makes such a huge impact on a room, it’s one of the most important elements of my interiors.  Art could completely transform a feeling of a room, when the right piece is selected. Having said... Read More →

Chicago pool weather

It’s feeling like Chicago Summer around here. It sure is humid and sunny. I love the warm weather yet due to this temp fluctuation and humidity punch I’m not so into these crazy barometric pressure jumps ….not fun for my well being (can you tell I’m a bit cranky) .  In this weather all I... Read More →

Adding natural elements to your luxe, modern home for a more relaxed interior

As the days are warmer around here I long for beach days, beach homes, barefoot adventures and linen pants.  I think it’s so great to be able to change things around the house with seasons to not only keep it interesting but to suit your energy, needs and adjust to the way you live in... Read More →

Evanston eclectic

Last week I met up with a friend for lunch at a super cute restaurant in Evanston called Found. I loved the vibe and the food and I thought that it would be so fitting to start sharing those experiences here with a few snapshots.  We have so many amazing restaurants in Chicago as well... Read More →

Thank you to CBS Chicago for selecting EDYTA & CO. as one of the Best Interior Designers in Chicago

I am so honored to be selected as one of the Best Interior Designers in Chicago by CBS Chicago.  I love creating clean line yet warm interior design environments for our clients and I am so happy they enjoy the end result as much as I do.  Thank you to CBS Chicago for giving us... Read More →

Marquee Lights in your home

  I love a fantastic marquee sign inside a home. I think it adds that bit of character, whimsy and unexpected touch. I think it feels a bit artistic and I think of it as a functional piece of art. It’s romantic and totally fun as if there is always a party to be had... Read More →

Bedroom Refresh- Soothing, Modern, Glam

Bedroom is one of those rooms that I often see people leave until the end to design.  However, I think it’s such an important space to focus on and to make beautiful for your soul and well being. Many studies show that our surrounding affect our well being and bedroom might be one of the... Read More →

Summer Colors- Modern, Relaxed & Glam Room

I have been in such a summery mood. I am dreaming of going to the beach and reading a good book by the pool.  This vibe also translates into creating an interior that reflects lovely soft colors, but don’t worry we could still keep the space glam and modern, just how I like it.  With... Read More →

Our Sasha Dog Portrait addition & Lilly

  We have recently acquired a beautiful dog portrait painting which my awesome hubby won in an auction that contributed to a cause that is very close to us, Doggies.  This was such great timing as I just wrote about dog portraits here and many of you had reached out to find out who they... Read More →