Beautiful Frozen Chicago

Chicago has some amazing Lake Michigan shores spanning from our urban Chicago all the way through our North Shore suburbs. The views are absolutely amazing and one can never get tired of them.  Whether your property is located on the lake and you get to enjoy it on your private beach or maybe you get to enjoy the views by taking much needed relaxing lake side strolls – it’s always perfection for the body and the soul.

Given our latest Polar Vortex temperatures, one might wonder how beautiful that sight might be at the moment. Well… it’s quite amazing. I came across some remarkable photos that are worth fine art framing which capture these cold yet evocative water moments.  The sight is quite inspirational from the stillness, to the color, texture and so much more take a peek:

frozen lake michigan in february

image via

Beautiful Lake michigan shore frozen at the edges. Such a beautiful composition of texture, color and stillness…

frozen lake michigan from the top

image via

This view from the top along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago is quite amazing. So many of our Gold Coast residents get this artistic view from their windows, that is a treat indeed.

frozen chicago river

Image via

This image although it’s of the Chicago River that flows through our city and goes out into Lake Michigan captures this beauitful marble like  effect from the ice chunks just floating in the water. It’s sort of surreal and the fact that this image also captures some of the oldest and significant Chicago buildings makes this photo extra special.

Did you come across some amazing images that captures this Winter beautifully? I would love to see it.

Stay warm!



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  • Julie

    Sweet Home (Frozen) Chicago. Great Images. Thanks for sharing. Stay Warm. Hopefully soon spring will be here.


    February 11, 2014  |  Permalink  |  Reply →
    • You are most welcome, and you also stay warm :) Spring will be here before you know it.

      February 11, 2014  |  Permalink  |  Reply →

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