Chicago rainy weather and The Great Lady Decorators – The Women Who Defined Interior Design

The great lady decorators

There is something about the rain that relaxes me and helps me focus but also allows me to dream and reflect. As the rain trickles down in a steady fashion here in Chicago I put on some great music and get to work on some great projects. Today I am also thinking about a book “The Great Lady Decorators- The Women Who Defined Interior Design 1870-1955” a book that I’ve been wanting to read and my sister gave me for my birthday. I started reading it and can’t wait to continue. I was thinking why some books such as this one fascinate me.  I love to learn about people’s lives, their past and how their life morphed based on life events, people they met or the decisions that they made. In addition, there is nothing better than that combined with a topic I am so passionate about – interior design, lifestyles, design & art history.  To me designing interiors is designing lifestyles, I love meeting people learning about their lives and making the environment they inhabit truly amazing and something that sets the stage for their meaningful life. I look at it more than designing or decorating, it’s a bit of magic that you can only create and discover through deep conversations, time spent and truly being open. I think this is why I also love people and learning about people and their loves and desires because the magic it can ultimately create…

As I enjoy this day and hope to get to reading my book later tonight I hope you get to enjoy yours as well. I also would love to hear what you like to read about, what you love, what inspires you and feeds your soul. Please share with me in the comments below or via e-mail 🙂

My very best!


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