Great party at a Chicago’s North Shore Winnetka French Regency Estate

Front view of this mansion, via Previews

Last night I attended a beautiful event for the launch of the new NS Modern Luxury Magazine. The event was located at a beautiful Chicago North Shore Winnetka, French Regency Estate. It was full of style, great people, beautiful flowers, great drinks, bites and beautiful live music. I took a few snapshots with my phone camera to give you a little taste of the party,  since most of them did not come out, I went ahead and included some photos from the estate’s listing so that you can see the venue better. The estate that the event took place in is actually for sale, and although it’s a bit too ornate for me, it still is amazing on so many levels. I would have to modernize the space, update the finishes and remodel kitchens and bathrooms. Yet if you are a Francophile this grand home might be just up your alley the way it is. You can go ahead and scoop it up for just a little over 9 mil , as it’s listed on Previews. One thing is for sure, the pool, the outdoor terraces, classic facade, great tennis court, home theater and indoor basketball court would be my selling points :)


Part of the Foyer with one of many fab chandeliers

The view at the house from the pool house, I love looking at homes at night when there is a good party :)


As we were leaving the party and waiting for our car...


  Here are some more photos of the house from the listing page. You can go view more details and more photos on the Coldwell Banker Previews site.

 For those that haven’t heard of this fab new magazine- NS is Modern Luxury’s new publication for the North Shore of Chicago. It covers what’s new in local design, shopping, style and home design. It’s on the stands now if you want to take a peek. Also you can view a digital publication version here. Have a fantastic day everyone!

Hope you had an amazing week. I’d love to hear what you have been up to..


 Would you like help creating a beautiful and meaningful home? Contact me and I will give you more details about my interior design services!





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